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2015 Wareham, Massachusetts One-on-Ones

Every summer we take a second batch of ten kids and their adult partners to Wareham, Massachusetts where they also create a new show of 10 short, whimsical musicals that we bring back here for you. Come see our efforts to answer those old burning questions Where? Who? When?

The kids: Sevan Asencio, Magalis Fabian, Rebecca Gomez, Ginaija Hires, Aramis Jimenez, Marlon Sebastian Lopez, Darby O’Donnell, Nicole Quiles, Daniel Tineo, & Ethan Zenteno.

The Adult Actors: Frankie Alvarez, George Babiak, Alyssa Cartwright, Molly Coogan, Dylan Dawson, Garret Kim, Emma Ramos, Rachel Rusch, Jude Sandy, & Charly Simpson.

The Adult Writers: George Babiak, Jed Clarke, Molly Coogan, Dylan Dawson, Cynthia Kaplan, Garrett Kim, Kendell Pinkney, Erica Saleh, Charly Simpson, Jenny Rachel Weiner, and Composer/Music Director Eric March.

The Performances:

Friday, August 21 @ 7:30

Saturday, August 22 @ 7:30

Sunday, August 23 @ 3:00

Five Angels Theater
789 Tenth Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10019
b/t 52nd & 53rd Streets
 HERE. ME. NOW. The Present Plays Wareham MA 2015
Artwork by Patrick Jones, color by George Babiak
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