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THE 2014-2015 SEASON


WHAT’S MY LINE?, The Professional Plays – 2nd Shift!

2014 Wareham, Massachusetts One-on-One’s

We’re putting our noses back to the grindstone for another delightful batch of shows. Like our July production, these shows each have one adult who writes a short whimsical musical to perform with one kid.

The Kids: Ezekiel Albarron, Jayla Alvarez, Sevan Asencio, Kai Ceniza, Sabastian Lopez, Kayla Matos, Tiffany Miller, Matthew Orozco, Nathaniel Ortiz, & Sofia Santoni.

The Adults: Carlo Albán, Marinda Anderson, Robert Askins, George Babiak, Sarah Burgess, Jed Clarke, Lucy DeVito, Eric Dufault, Darcy Fowler, Aaron Costa Ganis, Korey Jackson, Cindy Kaplan, Jiehae Park, Grace Rex, Erica Saleh, Ariana Seigel, & Anne Troup.

Composer/Music Director: Eric March.


Friday, August 15 @ 7:30

Saturday, August 16 @ 7:30

Sunday, August 17 @ 3:00 ***SOLD OUT, Waiting List Available***

Five Angels Theater
789 Tenth Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10019
b/t 52nd & 53rd Streets
All shows are free, click “Get Tickets” in the Productions & Events Menu above, or call 212/642-5052 for reservations.
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Show art by Patrick Jones, color by George Babiak.

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