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This boom box plays the songs from A LITTLE RUSTY, The 52nd Street Project’s Tribute to the Playmaking Songs of Rusty Magee. Rusty was an amazing composer and set some of our favorite kid-written songs to music for our shows.

Song List:

1. Livin’ In Light

Lyrics by Chassity Damiani, age 10

Performed by David Costabile with Nancy Giles, Michael Potts and Lee Wilkof

2. Big Sister*

Lyrics by Jaymaree Rosado, age 9

Performed by Judy Kuhn

3. Single Beauties

Lyrics by Suzette Santana, age 10

Performed by Mary Testa and Anne Torsiglieri

4. New Girl

Lyrics by Jazzlynn Hernandez, age 10

Performed by Karen Trott

5. Underwear Man and Kathy

Lyrics by Frankie Ventura, age 9

Performed by Lee Wilkof and Anne Torsiglieri

6. Amanda’s Song

Lyrics by Ariana Casablanca, age 11

Performed by Myra Lucretia Taylor

7. There’s a Cat*

Lyrics by Octavia Rodriguez, age 9

Performed by Nancy Giles and David Costabile

8. Money*

Lyrics by Solangee Acosta, age 12

Performed by Judy Kuhn

9. A Song for an Angel

Lyrics by John Cuevas, age 11

Performed by Michael Potts

10. We Love This Pie*

Lyrics by Adrian Zambrano, age 9

Performed by David Costabile and Lee Wilkof, with Nancy Giles and Michael Potts


*Instrumentals performed by Loren Toolajian; all others performed by Rusty Magee.

Produced by Loren Toolajian and The 52nd Street Project at Broadway Sound, N.Y.C.

Recorded March 26, 2003. Special Thanks to Alison Fraser and Sheryl Kaller.

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