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By the time Project kids reach their late teens, they are well-prepared for a challenge. They enter a two-year program that focuses on advanced acting techniques and introduces them to existing texts. At the end of the first year, the teens present an original One-Act Play Festival, with commissioned short plays by professional playwrights. In the beginning of their second year, they explore Shakespeare, both on the page and on the stage, adding their own interpretations of the characters and stories along the way.

The program culminates in the second year with a production of a Shakespearean play. Past teen productions have included, TWELFTH NIGHT, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, THE TEMPEST, MEASURE FOR MEASURE, ROMEO & JULIET and KING LEAR. The productions have been performed in the town of Lorgues in the South of France; in both London and Debenham, England; at Banff in Alberta, and Golden in British Columbia, Canada; the Bay Area in California; and Marfa, TX. The kids who have stuck with the Project through this final, glorious “senior trip” are rewarded with an experience they will never forget.

As part of the preparation for the final Shakespeare production, the teens write short plays or monologues based on their characters.

From OUT OF NOWHERE by Victor Cortez:

You! are you the one who insulted my lord?

Well my lord is always kind, but I on the other hand am not (pulls out a weapon) Engarde! you lowly knave, thou art an O, I am better than thou art now, I am a fool, thou art nothing. Die (Lunges forward chasing the Fool).

I gave thee a chance. The fault was clearly yours! How idiotic! You truly were a fool. Now where was I…ah yes Edgar, I don’t see as why you are living a better life then mine, so I will take yours, your status, your money, everything…but the question is how? Wait… Seeing as we look alike a switch would not be out of question. Once that is done, you shall “disappear.” Now all that is needed is luck…

In 2007 the teens mounted ROMEO AND JULIET in Marfa, TX.


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