Block Island Bound Gummy Bear

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Here’s how you pass the time in a van on the way to the Block Island Ferry for the One-on-Ones. All you need is one gummy bear, an open window and a video camera.

Block Island Bound Gummy Bear

Fivey: Heroes & Villains

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The latest issue of FIVEY, The Project’s Literary Magazine, is now available for free download, in full color. Click here or visit the Fivey page under Kid’s Stuff.

We’ve got your back (cover), Fivey

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Here’s the back cover to the upcoming issue of FIVEY, The Project’s literary magazine. Continuing the theme of Heroes and Villains there are courageous feats and dastardly deeds …

Fivey #14 Cover

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Here’s a preview of the upcoming issue of the Project’s literary magazine FIVEY. George and Liz have transformed the kids into heroes and villains. Judge for yourself how extreme the transformations are…

Heroes & Villains

The cover for the upcoming issue of FIVEY # 14 available, free, at the end of June.

Pot Roast

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Smart Partners Graham Gillis and Alvin Garcia got together on Tuesday early-afternoon to start a slow cooker pot roast. Here are a few pictures of when they returned to see how it came out:

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