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So, Marc Maron’s amazing podcast WTF (which understandably has some explicit language on it, so please be aware) this week features his interview with Edie Falco. If you’re not aware of this podcast, he does long form interviews with people (mostly comedians, but also musicians and actors, and on one especially memorable episode, President Obama), about their background, their influences and their careers. It is not surprising then that the discussion with Edie Falco should eventually touch on her involvement with The 52nd Street Project. It’s an all around good episode, and of course we’re especially proud to be discussed in this very nice way. The part about the Project starts around an hour and ten minutes in, or so. There’s also a lovely follow-up comment from Marc during his wrap up at the very end. Check it out:

CLICK HERE to listen!


Edie Falco hosting our gala in 2016.


Out on the digital newsstand: the 2017 issue of Fivey Magazine!

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Each year, our kids and their adult Smart Partners create articles, reviews, stories, comics, and photographs for the Project’s annual kids’ magazine.

Download issue #19 now! Click here: FIVEY!

Gus Gives a TEDx Talk

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Recently, we were invited to participate in a TEDx series about the Broadway and Off-Broadway community. We were happy to bring our perspective to the conversation and Gus gave his talk about the value of kid generated art. In order to illustrate his point, he brought along a performance of one of Ricardo Currin’s songs, The Dancing Ice Ballerina, which debuted at our Songmaking concert last fall, and was reprised again at our gala on May 8. The music is by Wes Braver, and it is performed by music director Avi Amon, and singer Andy Danh.


Hurray for HARU

The 52nd Street Project is pleased and proud to announce that we have been selected to be the Community Partner to HARU Hell’s Kitchen, the newest branch of the restaurant and sushi bar, which has just opened on the southwest corner of Ninth Avenue and 56th Street. So we’re happy to encourage the Project community to check them out, and we have a vested interest in a particular day soon! To kick off this partnership, HARU will donate 50% of sales to the Project from FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2017 – that’s all day from 11:30 am – midnight. So come on by for lunch, a post-work hang-out, pre-show dinner, or dining all night — you can even order delivery! You get delicious sushi while also supporting the Project’s arts education and mentoring programs. Win-win. Click the image below to get more information about HARU Hell’s Kitchen.

A Tribute to Kevin Geer

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The 52nd Street Project mourns the loss of Kevin Geer. He was a great friend of ours, a tireless volunteer, and an off-the-charts Playmaking actor. Over the course of 18 years, he played, among other things: a female contestant (in a blonde rubber wig) on a game show hosted by a giraffe (Oliver Platt); a child who was also a Mexican wrestler carrying a speaking puppet of himself, lost in the woods with a deer (Edie Falco); and in two boxing plays, he was in the first a boxer in love with a dancer (Nancy Giles), in the second play, straight out of Playhouse 90, he played a washed-up trainer working with a young boxer (Armando Riesco). All of them were, as you might guess, unforgettable- wildly funny, deeply felt and fully realized. Needless to say, we will miss him very much. If we had a Hall of Fame, he’d be in on the first ballot.

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