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Our GREEN Commitment

The 52nd Street Project is committed to taking care of the environment, and our building and operating practices reflect that commitment. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) developed the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System in order to evaluate a building on its “green” qualities. The interior fit-out of The 52nd Street Project’s space is designed to LEED Gold standards, emphasizing environmental responsibility through the selection of efficient mechanical and lighting systems as well as nontoxic materials. The core and shell incorporates green systems and materials and includes turbine-generated power produced on-site.

Below are the categories used in the LEED rating system and the ways in which The 52nd Street Project and BKSK Architects have addressed them in the construction and continued operation of our socially and environmentally beneficial building.

Alternative Transportation: We installed bike racks for staff members, kids, and volunteers who bike to the Project, to encourage this emission- and pollutant-free method of transportation. 30% of staff members regularly bike to work instead of driving or taking public transportation.

Water Fixtures: All faucets in our bathrooms are sensor activated in order to minimize water consumption. Our toilets feature a water-saving dual-function handle so that the user can control the amount of water that gets used in each flush.

Heating System: The space at The 52nd Street Project is divided into ten different zones, each served by a dedicated air handling unit which provide heating and cooling to that zone. If the temperature rises above the set point, the cooling valve modulates the air handling unit until the set point is maintained, so as to not waste energy.

Power: The core and shell includes turbine-generated power that is produced on-site.

Recycling Program: All paper, cardboard, bottles and cans are recycled. Recycling bins are distributed liberally throughout the building and signs are used to encourage the act of recycling.

Thermal Comfort: We monitor building temperature levels and adjust them according to the occupants’ needs.

Daylight views: 100% of staff offices have windows, and all staff members have a daylight view from their desks. Windows in the street wall of the theater space were opened up, bringing in plenty of natural light. This cuts down on the need for artificial lighting, as well as improves the comfort, health and productivity of everyone in the building.

Green Housekeeping: All of the cleaning products (dishwashing liquid, dishwasher gel, all purpose cleaner, etc.) we use to maintain our facility are green products, meaning they are natural and environmentally friendly.

Furniture: All of the furniture in our facility has been certified according to the Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification Program for Low Emitting Products, meaning that our furniture has low chemical and particle emissions into the environment, creating a healthy interior environment.

Smoking Policy: No smoking is permitted within the building.

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