GALA 2021

@ 11:37 am

HIDDEN GEMS, The Project Gala 2021

8 Great Music Videos Over two weeks Starting May 3
Ending in a Special Livestreamed Mini-Concert on May 17.

The Board of Directors of The 52nd Street Project Invite you to help out the 52nd Street Project by attending this special event.


The gala site officially goes live on May 3, but you can check it out right now: HIDDEN GEMS.

The site will feature playful songs written by young Project Members Naseem Abdul-Majeed, Amari Dubose, Jessica Elie-Pierre, Xavier Espinal, Gavin Kent, Sarah Lopez, Kylie Rose Rivera-Beato, Jai-Lyzz Rodriguez, and Aiden Vasquez.

Songs are then set to music by adult composers including our Music Director Avi A. Amon, Utsav Bhargava, Kat Cartusciello, Erika Ji,  Mason Mcdowell, Sean Pallatroni, Brooke Trumm, and Julio Vaquero Ramos.

Finally, they are sung (and occasionally danced) by adult performers including: Ally Bonino, Jessica Carvo, Greg Hildreth, Belen Moyano, Ronald Peet, Jon-Michael Reese, Emily Skeggs, Skyler Volpe, and Natalie Walker

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