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By the early 1990s, The Project began receiving numerous requests to help start similar programming in other communities. In response, in 1992, The Project published replication materials entitled the “Kid Theater Kit,” complete with plays and with “The 52 Pick-Up” a manual for the creation of theater programs for at-risk children. It seeded its first replication in Los Angeles, the Virginia Avenue Project, in 1992. The “Kid Theater Kit” continues to be purchased by theaters and community groups around the world. Twelve formal replication sites have sprung up and scores of theater companies and civic organizations, from as far away as South Africa and Macedonia, have journeyed to The Project to observe its programs and then to create similar resources in their communities.

The kit is available through The Dramatists Play Service, Inc. located at 440 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016. Telephone: (212) 683-8960 Fax: (212) 213-1539. E-mail:

To go directly to the Dramatists Play Service web page about the Project, click here.

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