Hurray for HARU
February 2nd, 2017

The 52nd Street Project is pleased and proud to announce that we have been selected to be the Community Partner to HARU Hell’s Kitchen, the newest branch of the restaurant […]

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A Tribute to Kevin Geer
January 28th, 2017

The 52nd Street Project mourns the loss of Kevin Geer. He was a great friend of ours, a tireless volunteer, and an off-the-charts Playmaking actor. Over the course of 18 […]

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Project Update: The Official Newsletter
March 2nd, 2017

P.U. Volume 76
March 2017 – George Babiak, Editor

Meet Kali and Yazzy, our newest staff members, and find out how some old staffers are getting new job descriptions. You’ll also find lots of nice photos of Playmaking, the 2-on-2’s, Storytelling, our 17th Annual Ping Pong Tourney, and Caroloke: the great songfest tribute to the the great Ms. Ochs. Oh, and let’s not forget our society page: Megabits!

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