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@ 12:45 am

2019-2020 Season

SMOKE & MIRRORS, The Tricky Plays

2020 Spring Playmaking Production

Through the alchemy of Playmaking, the latest group of 9 & 10 year olds to join the Project are conjuring up some theater to dazzle and entertain you. These all new short, wacky, wildly imaginative plays will each feature a pair of professional actors and will be directed by an adult. Come for a dose of some of the Project’s most potent magic.

Young Playwrights: Tremaine Batson, Mason Berrios, Matthew Berrios, Jessica Elie-Pierre, Gavin Kent, Faith Mitchell, Olive Moayed, Khailey Marie Peña, Kylie Rose Rivera Beato, & Edgar Sinchi.

The Adult Actors: Sofiya Akilova, Marinda Anderson, Kendall Cafaro, Jenelle Chu, Neil D’Astolfo, Madeline DeFreece, Carson Elrod, Ariel Estrada, Motell Foster, Carolyn Holding, John Manolis, Omar Metwally, Keshav Moodliar, Adrienne C. Moore, Erin Neufer, Rachel Pickup, Lee Aaron Rosen, Michael Potts, Micah Stock, Marielle Young.

The Adult Directors & Dramaturges: Kat Almirañez, George Babiak, Julio Chavez, Kyle David, Tim J. Lord, Kareem Lucas, Alex O’Daly, Ashley Marie Ortiz, Leta Renée-Alan, Grace Rex, Ana Soto, Gus Rogerson, & Caylyn Wan-Creager.

Composer/Music Director: Patrick Barnes

Sound Designer: Avi Amon

Costume Designer: Michael Piatkowski

PERFORMANCES TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED, Check Back for Information on Rescheduling

Five Angels Theater
789 Tenth Avenue, 2nd Floor
between 52nd & 53rd Streets

WITH THE FLOW, Dancemaking Concert

Over the past eight weeks, 8 groovy members of The 52nd Street Project have been exploring elements of dance and choreography. With the support from some boogie-woogie adult volunteers, they have created their very own movement vocabulary and choreographed their very own original dance pieces, to original music. Dancemaking is part of our New Platforms programs, which offer members of The 52nd Street Project new artistic opportunities and challenges. This year’s program was led by Dancemaking Instructor Elli Brown with support from Garrett Kim, Program Director.

Project Members: Naseem Abdul-Majeed, Maria Alcides, Kylee Chester, Hannah Leon, John Muca, Kassandra Sinchi, Frankie Suero-Loyola, Denisse Xolocotzi, & Lakshmi DeJesus (in-class assistant).

The Adults: Kyle Cameron, Agusta Fitzgerald, Jose Gamo, Olivia Gilliatt, Carina Goebelbecker, Grant Harrison, Anne Troup, & Lenni Yesner.

The Composers: Wes Braver, Brian Cavanagh-Strong, Jacinth Greywoode, Elliah Heifetz, Kim Jinhyoung, Gavin Knittle, Katie Madison, & David Trujillo-Tapias.

PERFORMANCES TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED, Check Back for Information on Rescheduling

Five Angels Theater
789 Tenth Avenue, 2nd Floor
between 52nd & 53rd Streets

GAME CHANGERS, The Project Gala 2020

Celebrating Two Key Players: Crystal Dickinson & Brandon Dirden

The Board of Directors of The 52nd Street Project along with The CLAWS Foundation, want you to take your turn:


The evening will feature five playful songs written by Project Member Lyricists: Jayden Alvarado, Crismell Concepcion, Antonella Suero Loyola, Andrew Moore, & Ayah Musa.

Songs are set to music and performed by adult artists including: Lydia Breckon, Pablo Concha, Sean Eads, Nathan Reibli, Enzo Veiga & many more. Music Director Avi Amon.

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