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Five Angels Theater
The Theater of The 52nd Street Project

The Project has built the first permanent home for the only professional theater company in New York City devoted to kids. The new space provides the room necessary for the children and their mentors to meet, learn, collaborate and explore further opportunities. The heart of the facility is the Five Angels Theater, which has been named in memory of five people who have passed on who were all enthusiastic supporters of the Project, the theater and/or the children of New York City: Laurie Beechman, Ron Black, Bill Foeller, Tom Gardner and Rusty Magee.

The 150-seat theater is a flexible, black-box space with state-of the art lighting and sound technology. There is a luxurious lobby featuring a concessions bar, seating areas, restrooms, a gallery and a terrace that can be used for events. There are two rehearsal rooms, one that can be converted into additional lobby space. On the second floor, in addition to the state of the art booth and Con Edison “Juice Box” electrics room; there are two dressing rooms with full bathrooms including showers.

The 52nd Street Project is proud to note that the entire facility—theater, lobby, restrooms, terrace, Clubhouse, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms and offices—is fully handicapped accessible.

Please contact Sayantee Sahoo, Production Manager, for rental inquiries at

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Photos by Vanni Archive

Square Footage

Main Playing Space or Stage
52’-3” x 33’-0” for a total of 1724’-3” sq/ft

Seating Area Retracted
14’-0” x 44’-9” for a total of 626’-6” sq/ft

Total Sq/Ft with retracted seating
2350’-9” sq/ft

Blue Room
30’-6” x 24’-0” for a total of 732’-0” sq/ft

Piano Room
18’-6” x 21’-6” for a total of 397’-9” sq/ft

THE 52ND STREET PROJECT 789 10th Avenue New York, NY 10019 | 212.333.5252
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